Meade School District 46-1

Sturgis Elementary

Title I Policy on Parent Involvement

“To Build Knowledge and Skills for Success Today and Tomorrow”


It is the intent of Meade School District 46-1’s Title I program to encourage parental involvement, which is vital to and an integral part of the successful achievement of every child in the program.  The district will take the following steps for parental involvement:


  1. Notify each child’s parents, in a timely manner, that their child has been selected to participate in Title I.  The reasons that their child was chosen along with the assessment methods used.


  1. Provide a compact to be signed by the student, parent, teacher, and administrator, agreeing to support and encourage each child to be successful in gaining additional skills through Title I.


  1. Inform parents of their child’s progress, placement, proficiency level, and methods they can use to complement their child’s instruction at least on a quarterly basis, including parent-teacher conferences.


  1. Conduct family nights, with invited parent input, at different grade levels and buildings, which will promote the partnership between student, parent, and school.  Math and reading activities will be provided to promote the love of learning.  Information will be available from other community education organizations at each family night.


  1. Invite and encourage all parents of Title I eligible children to attend at least one meeting per year to share goals, program focus, and activities provided to the students, as well as to obtain input from parents about future program planning.  This meeting time will be flexible to best meet the needs of the Title I families.  Parents will also be informed of their right and privilege to consult in the design and implementation of Title I programs.


  1. Include information about Title I and suggestions to enrich learning in the school newsletters.


  1. Furnish materials and suggestions to parents in a language and form, which will help them promote education at home.


  1. Give each parent an opportunity to fill out a survey at the end of the school year to assess the Title I policy and program.  Results from the survey will be used to design strategies for program and policy improvement and high student performance.


  1. Review annually, with parents and the community, the progress of each school participating in Title I as measured by the state assessment and multiple measures described in the local consolidated plan.


  1. Encourage parents to become involved in their child’s program through volunteer work, parent conferences, and parent training to work with their child at home.  Information will be included in the newsletters, phone calls, and notes home.  Parents will be encouraged to observe and volunteer in their child’s classroom and to attend school-sponsored activities.


  1. Solicit parents’ suggestions and provide timely responses to parents’ recommendations.


  1. Arrange for the Title I staff and director to be readily accessible to parents upon request.


  1. Supply upon request, to parents, information concerning the Title I law, regulations, and instructional programs funded under Title I.


  1. Provide parents and students reasonable access and accommodations to meeting space, information, and materials.


  1. Ensure opportunities, to the extent practicable, for full participation of parents who lack literacy skills or whose native language is not English.


  1. Coordinate parental involvement strategies under programs, such as, Head Start, Parent as Teachers, and certified preschools.


  1. Conduct an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of the parent involvement policy.


Overall, Meade School District 46-1 will work to promote a positive partnership between the parents and the Title I program.


Adopted September 21, 1999                                                                                      Revised December 2007

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We need you, your great ideas, suggestions, and concerns.  Every year we have a Title I Parent Involvement Committee.  This group is made up of parents and teachers for the purpose of providing for the needs of Title I students and parents.  We plan programs, speakers, films, and activities for the reading and math programs that you are invited to attend throughout the school year.  If you have any topic you would like discussed or a speaker you would like to hear, please let us know.  Parents that would like to be on the committee can call the school or return the bottom of this paper.  We meet annually during the school year.  Thank you from the Title I staff.


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